Very recently, the Axel Springer Academy finished a special social media and live streaming experiment: „Scope Berlin“ reported one week completely live around the clock from the capital city – a new form of local journalism.

Sleepless in Berlin – that happened to the Team 19 of the Axel Springer Academy: 16 young journalists reported seven days around the clock from the capital. The claim: local journalism rethought. The focus of the latest digital project of the Axel Springer Academy was to stream live on Facebook and Periscope. The result: 200 live streams, videos, 360-degree reports and breaking news missions. Merely via Facebook Live „Scope Berlin“ reached 1.5 million unique users, but also on Instagram, Twitter and Periscope it was observed in great extension. The topics concerning Berlin – revelations, politics, the club scene, action, lifestyle and spectacular behind the scenes reports – resulted in more than 25,000 likes.

Baseflying2One of the ScopeBerlin reporters testing baseflying and streaming it live.

„It was an incredible commitment and therefore a deserved reward. Considering that our team had only a few weeks to prepare the whole project and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy through social media, it is very remarkable what the reporters have achieved,“ said the Academy’s director Marc Thomas Spahl. Also technical innovations had been invented: e.g. the team has developed its own device to allow a parallel streaming on Facebook and Periscope: a holder for two mobile phones, which are mounted simultaneously in landscape mode.


Moritz Seyffarth, one of the reporters, is happy with the result as well: „Our conclusion is positive. We have reached over 1.5 million people, mostly a young audience, and have shown that local journalism can be really cool.“ Unlike previously expected, especially political issues had been successful. „Probably because live streams give viewers the opportunity to participate actively in discussions,“ said Seyffarth. The user analysis shows that 65 percent of the viewers are between 18 and 34 years old and 63 percent of all calls were made from mobile phones and tablet devices.

The Axel Springer Academy is considered the most progressive school of journalism in the German-speaking world, moreover it is a think tank of the publishing house and a pioneer in the development of new journalistic formats. For their projects the Academy has received many awards, including the Grimme Online Award, the CeBIT App Star and the European Newspaper Online Award.

Best of ScopeBerlin – the video: 7 days in 3 minutes


Team 19 of the Axel Springer Academy.

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