Showing young users what should not be forgotten

A group of young reporters with the project „sachor jetzt!“ (Remember now) have dared to do something entirely new and helped Holocaust survivors tell their story as they have never done before: on snapchat – especially for 14- to 16-year-olds

It is a new form of the culture of remembrance and a completely new approach to teaching young people about the Holocaust: the project “sachor now!” uses the Snapchat app, which is more commonly known for its fun features.
“Sachor” is the Hebrew word for “remember” – this is where the journalistic project specifically targeting 14- to 16-year-olds comes in: the reporters from the Axel Springer Academy track down contemporary witnesses all over the world, talk to survivors and their descendants, and present some of the central locations of the Shoah – condensed into Snapchat stories for which they had to develop a completely new storytelling system tailored to the target group.

Der aktuelle Jahrgang der Axel Springer Akademie beim Nannen Preis 2017 im Curio Haus Hamburg.

The “sachor” team has also attracted international attention with its stories on Snapchat. The makers presented their bold concept to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the World Jewish Congress – and have already been presented with major journalism awards, including the Henri Nannen Prize.

According to TV anchorwoman Dunja Hayali, the jurors at the prestigious award ceremony in Hamburg debated for a long time, but in the end everyone agreed: the best digital project of the year is “sachor now!” In its explanatory statement, the jury, which included the editors-in-chief of “Spiegel”, “Bild”, “Zeit”, “Stern”, “taz” and “Geo”, said: “The reporters make excellent use of all the narrative formats available to Snapchat, thereby seizing the opportunity to address young people who are no longer reached by traditional media channels.”

In fact, its popularity among users was so great, that the “sachor” makers decided to keep on with their project and are now continuing to snap about the Holocaust again. They want to show their young users what should not be forgotten.
Students’ voices about the project can be found at Because Snapchat automatically deletes all content after 24 hours, the “sachor” app keeps the previous stories – including an international version – permanently accessible.

This is how to follow the team:

1. Download Snapchat (App Store, Google Play)
2. Scan the Snapcode
3. Find the “sachor now!“ app